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    Southern Vegan Restaurant

    chefkeena Newbie

      I'm looking to expand my catering company into a small restaurant.  We have about 6 vegan restaurants in town and I would like to start another focusing on southern and Cajun food.  Some of these restaurants have been around about 5 plus years and two under a year.  Four are owned by the same company just different styles of food.  We have a growing population of young adults who are looking to eat help.  As a vegan myself, it's hard to find restaurants when you are out and about the city to grab a quick bit.  I live in a city of 1.7 million people with over 4 military bases.  Is it a good idea?  Where do I start with design planning?  Note, I'm a certified chef and worked in the accounting industry for a public company for 14 plus year reconciling, doing A/P and A/R. I have a master of management degree and have utilized my management skills in the accounting industry.  I do not have working in a food industry since I was a teenager.  My husband has 8 years of management experience in the fast food industry.  He will be working with me.  This will not be his main job because he is a minister.  Any suggestion and help is greatly appreciated.  Another goal of this restaurant will be to help young adults with special needs.  I have three adopted children with special learning disabilities.  I would love to training special needs young adults in work ethics, management, and cooking. 

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          First of all, welcome to the Community.

          You posted a most interesting set of questions (and I will get back to them).

          Yes you said that you have a masters degree.

          I usually talk about a Business Plan, the plan being a road map to success.

          I also talk about SCORE. SCORE is FREE both in person and on line.

          Back to the restaurant. There is much discussion about people going out LESS

          to restaurants and taking out food from restaurants to eat while watching TV.

          I also like and support special needs whenever I can.

          Best of luck and keep the questions coming.



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            moderator_lee Navigator

            Hi chefkeena,


            First of all, you certainly have a lot of ambitions with your business and we wish you all the best in these pursuits! We'd love to hear about what keeps you motivated sometime.


            Secondly, I think the best thing to do would be to sit down and put things into perspective. Mark down the individual things that need to be done to reach your goals, for instance on index cards, then arrange those in the order that makes the most sense. From this you have the outline for an actual plan to elaborate on as needed.


            We have many other experienced business owners here who have probably gone the route you are looking to go now, perhaps they can chime in with some advice for you as well.


            Keep us posted, of course.




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                Moderator Cath Guide

                Tagging on to Moderator Lee's comments - you live in an area with a large population and maybe you could help get the word out about vegan foods.  After you open, you might consider a demo night - each week or month on a certain day of the week and just before suppertime, invite interested folks in to watch you prepare an appetizer or quick meal - nothing huge, just something to tempt their taste buds.  Have enough prepared for light tasting and then open the floor for questions and answers.


                This may bring some people back after they sample your goodies.


                I realize this is not a business help but just my thoughts about bring people in to YOUR restaurant and to get acquainted with you and your food.



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                LUCKIEST Guide

                There have been three answers to the question

                and it says question not answered.