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    Start a non-profit.

    aortizcomunidad Newbie

      I woul like to start a non profit corporation.  Is about a incorporation, and money. How start?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community. Both myself and many others within the Community

          have a lot of experience in the non profit field.


          Start by telling us more about yourself and what field of non profit.

          I suggest a Business Plan. The Plan is like a road map to success.

          Also contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE both in person and on line.


          Keep in touch and good luck, LUCKIEST

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            moderator_mel Tracker

            Welcome to the community, aortizcomunidad!


            We’d like to direct you to the Community Guidelines area of our forum and thank you for sharing your question with us. It would be a really good idea to contact your state’s local government offices to find out what sort of licensing and permits you may need. They can help you register your nonprofit organization as well as provide you with a checklist to help you get started. Please let us know if you have any other questions and we’re looking forward to seeing more from you! ~Moderator Mel

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              beth@ready2inc Wayfarer

              Hello aortizcomunidad!


              If  you want to start a non-profit corporation you would need to incorporate it preferably in the State where the business will be transacting.  You can go to the website of the Division of Corporations in your State and most States have basic forms that you can complete and file with the State to form your non-profit at the State level.  Beware however that these forms only include the basic information to form the non-profit with the State and usually do not include the necessary wording to be able to apply for tax exemption with the IRS.  You can get the additional wording and information on how to apply for tax exempt status on the IRS website at  There are several different types of non-profit organizations, the most common of which is a 501(c) (3).  You can read more about applying for this type of non-profit in the IRS publication


              Best of luck!

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                attard Adventurer

                Before you even think about forming a corporation, you need to be sure that what you want to start qualifies as a nonprofit organization. A non-profit is an organization that serves the public interest, not the founder's own interests.  This page on the National Council of Nonprofits will help you answer some questions about nonprofits: Frequently Asked Questions About Nonprofits | National Council of Nonprofits

                You should also check the IRS website for non profit rules.   If the mission of your planned nonprofit is one that would appeal to the general public, one way to raise money might be through crowdfunding sites.

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                  Moderator Rebecca Guide

                  Hi aortizcomunidad , you've received some great advice on your question, as well as many direction to many places to find additional information. Do you have any additional questions?  If you tell our community a bit more about the type of non-profit you are trying to start, I'm sure that our great members can help guide you further!