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    Help starting Special Needs Daycare Newbie

        Hello, my mother has been a special needs nurse for a good portion of her career. She has a big heart that she got from my grandmother who has been in nursing for over 10 years. I have been in law enforcement for 5 years. We as a family would love to start a Special Needs Daycare in or around Navarre Fl. I understand that there is an ordeal that is associated with starting a business not to mention a Special Needs Daycare, but we feel strongly that the families deserve a facility that will not turn their children away because of health issues. If anyone has information that could assist or any services they could offer, we would all appreciate the help.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community and YES we (I) have

          lots of info that could help you.

          My first two suggests are:

          SCORE. SCORE is FREE both on line and in person.

          SCORE is run by the Govt and as I said is FREE.

          My other suggestion is that you have a Business Plan

          and yes SCORE can help with that.


          Good Luck and stay in touch.



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            moderator_mel Tracker



            First let me welcome you to the community! Click on the link to read over our Community Guidelines. We’re looking forward to seeing more from you. You may want to contact your states Department of Social Services and request more information. I would suggest inquiring about the following:


            • Ask about staff to student ratios
            • Find out about licensing compliance
            • Determine staff qualifications
            • Obtain a floor plan that will accommodate students


            Please let me know if this helps. ~Moderator Mel

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              Moderator Rebecca Guide

              Hi jwiser!  You've received some great advice so far.  I agree with LUCKIEST,  be sure to check with your local chapter of SCORE.  SCORE is an organization made up of business executives and entrepreneurs, They offer free counseling and education on almost any subject that a small business owner, or aspiring business owner,  may need.  They also provide mentorship , guidance and may be aware of various funding outlets available for your business that you have not thought of.


              Your idea sounds very exciting, and I'm sure that a special needs daycare would be a very needed and wanted service available to your community.


              Please be sure to let us know how things are going!  Best of luck!