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    Core Ethics Principles for Business

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      Be Accountable. Accept personal accountability for business decisions. 

      Be a Leader. Act in such a way that your conduct ensures your status as a role model for your peers.

      Be a Law Abiding Business Person. Follow rules, laws & regulations.

      Be Vigilant in your Commitment to Excellence. Make sure you are prepared and knowledgeable in your field.

      Be Open-Minded. Make a commitment to be just, promote equal treatment, display tolerance, etc.

      Be Respectful of others. Strive to demonstrate respect for autonomy, privacy, interests, etc.

      Be Conscious of Morale and Reputation. Build a good rapport employees and clients alike.

      Be Trustworthy. Make every reasonable effort to fulfill promises and commitments.

      Be Loyal. Provide professional judgments by steering clear of bad influences or conflicts of interest.

      Be Honest. Do not deliberately deceive colleagues or customers. No partial truths or selective omissions.

      Be a Business Person with Integrity. Show employees, customers and partners that principles and honor are important core beliefs that are worth fighting for.


      What part has ethics played in your recent business transactions? ~Moderator Mel