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    Going International

    moderator_lee Navigator

      You don't have to be a large business to expand the scope of your clientele. Have you considered taking steps to offer your services or products internationally?


      If you are already there, what lead to the decision? What were some of the important steps for this transition?


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          What an interesting question  Moderator Lee.

          Right now, as an Accountant, using Quickbooks  I am very happy

          with my business and practice in the Tri State area so I can not

          share any experiences.

          But let me ask you, Are you planning on Going International??

          Suggestions. You will need a Business Plan.

          You will also need both Lawyers and Accountants who work internationally.


          Lets see other answers, LUCKIEST

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              moderator_lee Navigator

              Hi LUCKIEST,


              My business was originally entirely online and actually had more international customers than domestic, in fact.


              Your comment reminding of a business plan is great. I remember your post stressing the importance of having a business plan in general, but with such a big change it's worth mentioning that it would need to be updated if not rewritten altogether.


              Wonderful input as usual, thanks.



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              parasush Adventurer

              For most business owners, maintaining the local customers base is the first and important step towards success. Once this goal is achieved, business owners feel they are perfect to move to next step. I think targeting international audience just needs new plan and ideas to be executed. With the online business, there are multiple ways to bring international visitors to your business. But, before you ship, knowing your sales goals beforehand will keep you on track. It's my personal experience that international sales are great ways to increase profits and expand your business. But it needs lots of efforts.

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                asset1900 Wayfarer

                When your business is doing good.  Don't rest on your laurels.  Ask yourself what's the next level-up.  Should you be happy operating business locally or you can go internationally.   


                Any decision you make towards the growth of your company is a process.  Last year I came up with a decision to register my company name as a trademark.


                Now that I got my trademark, I can expand to other countries.   I can sell franchise here and abroad or open another branch abroad.  It's like another McDonald's, but I'm in the field of non-medical services.