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    Nurse staffing agency start-up

    mplsnurseagency Wayfarer

      Hello I am interested in starting a Nurse staffing agency. I was planning to start be getting hospital contracts, but from what I have been reading it may even be difficult to land a contract with local nursing homes. Does any one have an experience with contracting with hospitals or nursing homes. I haven't started the company yet Im just trying to get home feed back before jumping in. Any advise is appreciated.




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          mplsnurseagency Wayfarer

          please excuse the typos. I was rushing and just want to get the post out there.

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            moderator_mel Tracker

            Hi mplsnurseagency,


            Here are a few things to consider while you’re brainstorming about how to start your own nursing staff agency:

            • Become familiar with your competitors.
            • Utilize online resources and local directories when researching other agencies.
            • If you’re aiming to be a corporation, apply to the division of corporations. You may also need to apply for a business license.
            • Determine whether or not you should register your agency.
            • Secure ample financing.
            • Recruit and interview staff members.
            • Create or outsource a payroll system.
            • Acquire general liability and workers comp.
            • Develop a marketing strategy using websites, social media and promotional items.
            • Enact a background check and drug screen policy.

            I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with, good luck! ~Moderator Mel