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    Putting “Influencer Marketing” to work for you

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      Influencer Marketing is the practice of shifting the focus from target marketing to certain individuals. These individuals use their social influence to either persuade or discourage others to patron businesses. A company can use an influencer to establish credibility, promote their brand, etc. An influencer’s value can be determined by the reach of their blogs, web pages or social circles. They write original content and reviews for a loyal audience. So it’s easy to see how important their useful opinions can be. Here are a few pointers to get you started:


      • Identify influencers. Use social media key words to locate these influencer conduits.
      • Influencers tend to have large social networks that trust them and know they will get an honest review of the product or service in question.
      • These trendsetters use word of mouth to manipulate consumer environments.
      • Influencers with a large network will make a bigger impact on the companies they do business with.


      A savvy business person will cultivate relationships with these influencers and benefit from their critiques. ~Moderator Mel