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    Chip Card Technology

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      The new chip cards are supposed to be more secure than traditional cards, but are they really? The magnetic strip on current cards contains information that doesn’t change, making it easier for counterfeiters to steal the owner’s information. For the most part, cards with chip technology work the same way except that they assign a code to make each transaction different. Swiping your card won’t be necessary as cards with chips are “dipped” to begin the transaction. You may still have to enter a PIN or sign when you use your new card and customers should be able to make purchases at retailers who haven’t upgraded to the new system.  What is your take on the new cards? Do you have any feedback to share? ~Moderator Mel

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          automatedlife Adventurer

          Hi Mel,


          As a matter of fact, I do have some feedback on these cards but it has nothing to do with security.


          My small complaint relates to the inconvenience of having to leave my card in a reader for longer periods of than before. 


          I appreciated sliding ding and putting my card away immediately.  BUT if the security claims  live up to the hype if ever the time came where it was needed, I can certainly tolerate the inconvenience.