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    LUCKIEST Guide


      Where do you go for feedback??

      Be honest: Are you ready to make major changes?? If not, don't bother testing or asking for feedback.

      Sometimes a "wait and see" or "who cares" attitude makes perfect sense.

      After you've written the copy, wait a while - maybe a couple of weeks. Don't look at the copy.

      Then go back with fresh eyes and see if you notice things you missed before.

      Send a message to your clients and buyers, asking for comments.

      You'll get more meaningful responses when you ask questions.

      Think of testing, not seeking opinions. Are you getting more signups??

      More queries about get-acquainted calls??

      (5) Give yourself time and exposure ... and then a few weeks or months later,

      you realized they had reached or exceeded your goals.

      Good Luck