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    When is it Necessary for a Small Business to Obtain the Services of an Attorney?

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      A capable business owner can handle writing a business plan, applying for an EIN, choosing a name for your business, audits and so on and so forth, but, when is it a good idea to hire an attorney? The following list can help you decide:

      • Litigation
      • Filing for a Patent
      • Negotiating the sale or acquisition of a company
      • Government investigations
      • Environmental problems
      • Creating a corporation
      • Complex and time consuming issues

      As with any situation you may encounter as a small business owner, prevention can save you money. Most attorneys can offer guidance via inexpensive consultations. A savvy business person can research the issue at hand and present their findings to the attorney for review. What other situations would cause a small business to need legal services? How did you choose the perfect attorney for your company? ~Moderator Mel