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    The Slow Days of Summer

    Moderator Nancy Adventurer

      We're in the beginning of August, people are taking vacations and things tend to be a bit slow. 


      It's a great time to clean out your inbox and come up with a better process of managing your email.


      You may also find the time to network, for instance, becoming involved in some social media conversations about popular key issues in your industry. 



      How do you use the slower days of summer to help your business get ahead?


      I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.



        • Re: The Slow Days of Summer
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi Nancy,

          In honor of the Olympics, I will using basketball metaphors - I'm a big fan of the women's team:

          1 – Practice often and take a lot of shots. When you write more, you’ll get better and you’ll get more comfortable with the idea.

          2 – Writing to get clients is more like a playground pickup game than an NCAA, NBA or WNBA tournament. Here’s why: It’s fun. When you get too serious and try too hard, you actually miss the mark.The rules keep changing. In fact, it’s often hard to find out if there are any rules.

          You have to be ready for substitutions among the players and respond to plays you never expected. Everything gets created on the fly.

            3 – Everybody goes cold sometimes. Shots don’t fall. You wonder why you’re even doing this. You sense there might be a technique that could make your game easier.


          Go USA and don't forget to update your business plan, LUCKIEST