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    Ubiquitous Advertising Byte by Byte

    Albert Sandar Scout

      Who's not advertising themselves or their small business all the time everywhere. As a small business owner I feel am constantly promoting myself and my business, but I'm not alone, in the sharing economy it seems we share our personal lives with our business lives, this is and will be the way of the future in my opinion. Marketing and Advertising will remain an ubiquitous practice, mostly digital byte by byte. Entrepreneurs will compete on shared bandwidth for shared eyeballs on shared platforms. The digital age of advertising promises to be an exciting experience.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi betahold,


          Self-promotion is definitely an important part of running your own business. It is often the first spark of word-of-mouth advertising that eventually leads new clients back to you. And you are right that this practice will continue in our digital age, perhaps even blossom more than ever with social media. Thanks so much for your post, we look forward to seeing more from you.



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