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    Business Makeover

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Does a Business Makeover require a web makeover??

      As a general rule, make decisions slowly with some testing along the way.

      Keep your business plan updated.

      If you're going with a new name or slogan, take the time to explore how your market will respond.

      It's not enough to say, "That sounds good."  Work on your messaging.

      Do some research in your own field before making changes to your brand.

      Good luck, LUCKIEST

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          Donald Jennings Adventurer

          Yes rebranding every so often is good to keep up with new trends and to stay relevant with the younger consumer.

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            moderator_mel Tracker

            You make some interesting points, LUCKIEST. After a bit of digging, I found a few more suggestions to aid a company’s business makeover:

            • Revamp your web site so that it can reflect the technical advances of the internet.
            • Strive to provide better customer service.
            • Use a catchy logo.
            • Enforce dress code and grooming rules.
            • Have an interactive social media program across all platforms.

            The only constant is change and growth can sometimes be painful, even scary at times. I’d like to hear more from you on this great topic. ~Moderator Mel

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