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    A Bare Bones Guide to SEO:

    moderator_mel Tracker

      If you depend on a web site for your company, Search Engine Optimization is essential. Search Engine Optimization binds the internet pages together using links. Data centers all over the world process information on demand at super speeds. When a query is entered, search engines return the most relevant and popular websites.

      Here are a few pointers that may help your web site get better reception:

      • Design your web site around your target audience.
      • No cloaking. (using SEO tag words that are different from the information your site provides to trick users into visiting)
      • Use clean, keyword rich URLs.
      • Make navigation easy.
      • Be sure not to hide index text in rich media or images.
      • Create new content on a regular basis.
      • Reach out to your audience, ask how you can make their experience better and use their suggestions.

      Using analytics, you can determine which search engine provides you with the largest percentage of traffic. What other SEO guidelines would you suggest? ~Moderator Mel

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          sdbrownlie Wayfarer

          One of my favorites for the long tail (search queries that are longer and have less volume, but are easier to rank for) is to write down every question a customer ever asks you, monitor your on site search feature for things people are typing, and if you have support tickets/a forum get questions from there too.


          Once you have those write articles answering those questions in a lot of detail titled in a similar way, but after doing some additional keyword research, to the way the question was posed. It has two benefits:


          - if your answer is one of the best out there it will rank, if your site is also good/has some authority, because there's less competition for that specific query, and you've deliberately made a page that goes 'deep' on that topic which will please users and therefore likely send good signals to a search engine analyzing that page for the query

          - it's really useful for you to have a resource to direct people to as well as giving them the answer during a pitch

          - they form useful content for your e-mail marketing (marketing automation etc) strategy - someone you e-mail that answer to after they asked it on the phone, and who then goes to read your answer 5 times or something is definitely someone you want to call right away again, and you can set all that up in your marketing automation system (not SEO related but I like SEO tips that also help other parts of your sales and marketing strategy!).