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    Social Media for Nigerian Businesses

    tegaonyeama Newbie

      Summary: Our sources gather that VConnect is planning to overhaul their website, The new  website design and engineering will be focused on helping you find the right businesses faster. A new homepage will be incorporated such that it has a prominent search bar. This gives you a brief list of businesses and their details when you search.

      There is tentatively some new features on the home page too;

      1. Business lists: the business lists helps you find the best businesses at a particular service. Users will also be able to create business lists.

      2. Review section: this suggests businesses you've recently experienced and make it easy for you to share your honest, unique thoughts.

      3. Activity Feed: in this section, you can see your latest activities on VConnect. More important, you'll see what other people in your network are liking, sharing and rating.

      4. Easier product navigation: Vconnect has introduced  at least three way to find a business: use the search bar, use the trending products category or use the “Start Shopping” button to go to the marketplace.


      The new website is going to be something like a social media for businesses and customers. You heard it here first!!!