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    The Future Of Automobile Advertising In The Sharing Economy

    Albert Sandar Scout

      Advertising on the road in the 2020's just got more interesting.


      Now that we summon a taxi with our smart app, and forecasts predict that in the near future most people will hire a vehicle instead of owning one. This brings interesting hurdles and opportunities for the Advertising Agency tasked with helping so many individuals promote their young ideas and brands to an ever more savvy consumer.


      • This is the digital generation


      Consumers are getting harder to influence as commercial clutter invades their lives, says a recent report. In the future these numbers will only increase, it examined the effectiveness of TV  and visual advertising on 21 new and mature brands of packaged goods and concluded that in some cases it was a waste of time. Although in the short-term TV advertising would lead to an incremental increase in volume sales in almost every case, there was only a positive cash return on that investment in 18% of cases. Over a longer term the picture improved, with 35% of cases showing a return on investment. Not surprisingly, new products did better than older ones. The study concluded that “increased levels of marketing spending were less important than having new items on the shelf and increasing distribution.”


      • The internet of things will increase in pace before it levels off.


      It has been calculated that the average American is subjected to some 2,000 ads every day. If you add in everything from the badges on cars to slogans on sweatshirts, the ads in newspapers, on taxis, in subways and even playing on TVs. No wonder many consumers seem to be developing the knack of tuning-out adverts.


      • Now we will specifically look at the taxi/ride-share advertising for the future.


      The first step involved in this advertising process is to study future trends and emerging niches, then consult a taxi/ride-share service and sign a contract of some time limit during which the messages and ads you're trying to convey are placed and installed properly. Companies sometimes hire sign creators to make taxi signs, the best part of this type of advertising is that it grabs lot of eye-balls since the message is presented in an inevitable manner, and as such appealing greater audience. But it also depends on the frequency of the taxis or busses in the city and the population density, because people will be able to see the message and recognize the brand name only when the message clicks their mind on daily basis and they feel that the information being displayed is useful to them. Using neon and LED lights on signs are an increasingly popular to catch those eyeballs in the digital age. So to make it work the way that proves beneficial for a company is to adopt it for at least a month or few weeks. And if it proves to be a plus point in establishing the business, then the owner can go into long term relationship with the ride-share/bus/public transportation advertising.


      For this type of advertising to be effective in the future age, taxi/cab advertising signs need to be attractive so that people turn their heads to get a second look of the advertisement. The taxi advertising signs or digital panel should incorporate proper use of colors that depict the brand name of a company and use of catchy words for the tagline. Some like to play up with the taxi and cover it with messages, logos and other graphic work. However, some like it simple. Automotive advertising provides great flexibility to the marketers allowing them to personalize the taxi, especially new digital advertising panels to meet their requirements. In a nutshell, taxi advertising will be all about working your idea of advertisement the way that matches the future demands of the consumer. You want a huge audience which includes passers-by as well as the riders/clients. If you are a business and you are looking for a high-tech way to get your brand name into the minds of people of every type then give it a try. 





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