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    Strong Economic Data Supports Consumer Demand

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                   This is great news for Small Businesses, a plethora of national

      and corporate data was released last week pushing equity and fixed income

      markets to near all time highs which in turn increases the total net worth

      of people who own these assets, and these people tend to spend more

      when they feel better about their financial future.Image result for image of economic growth

      Corporate earnings for the second quarter were released last week for some S&P500 companies which outperformed most estimates driving investors to reach for growth in stock markets. Fixed income markets were supported by extremely low benchmark interest rates around the globe forcing international investors to purchase yield and solid growth in the USA.



      1. Housing Market Index was firm on Monday
      2. Tuesday we saw Building Permits and Housing Starts outperform.
      3. Wednesday Tech and Consumer Staples companies reported solid results
      4. Early look Payroll Data was steady and Oil Service companies reported good results
      5. Friday capped off a honorable week with optimistic Conference Calls by multinationals.



      We're forecasting Real GDP growth to be more then 2% in 2017, we are seeing signs of progress in policy assessment for future guidance as the political cycle moves forward which allows large corporations to make plans to deploy money in to the real economy on purchasing equipment and land as capital expenditures which in turn should benefit small business who are the suppliers and vendors.