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    Creating your company's culture

    Moderator Nancy Adventurer

      A strong company culture is becoming an increasingly important consideration for many employees.  How have you decided to create that?


      Are you implementing profit share, striving to assist your employees in achieving a good work/life balance or other options?


      We spend a great percentage of our daily lives at work.  What kind of culture do you feel best motivates your employees?


      I'm looking forward to hearing from long term employers advice as well as new business owners.



        • Re: Creating your company's culture
          revenue_wright Newbie

          Yes a strong company culture is important and a specifically defined one at that.  I would say all companies have a culture by default.  But some are unaware of what it is and others make an effort to keep it focused on certain values.  What may be a good culture in one place may not suit another. 


          One thing I have noticed is that as companies grow they lose the early cultural values that drove them to success and they become "washed out" by the values that new people bring with them.


          If you don't make a deliberate effort to keep those "pioneering" values intact or move to more deliberate values that are important to you - the farther away from the front lines you get the more diluted your culture becomes.