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    Hello everyone,

    sandaru Newbie

      Hello there,

      I’m Sandaru M. I hope to start a Cinnamon exporting business from Sri Lanka. (I’m living in Sri Lanka). But I’m new to exporting field. If anyone knows can advice on how I can find a buyer from US and what kind of qualities do I need to consider and other things, which will be a great! I hope to do the packaging also from here.


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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi sandaru!


          Welcome to our community!  We're glad that you have joined us, and would love to hear more about your business!  You may want to post your question regarding exporting from a foreign country to the US in the Business Startups discussion forum.  That way more of our members will be able to see your question and help with any advice or experience,


          Feel free to browse through our current discussions and questions from other members and jump into the conversation where you think you can lend some advice or expertise.


          We look forward to hearing more about you and your business!




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            LUCKIEST Guide

            As Moderator Rebecca said - Welcome.

            How soon do you plan to start this Cinnamon Exporting Business??

            Do you have the FUNDS??

            Do you have a Business Plan?? The Bus Plan is MOST important.


            Good luck, LUCKIEST