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    Hello Community!!!

    iamwaltgully Wayfarer

      Hello there Community,


      My name is Walt Gully and I am an aspiring artist seeking the opportunity to become a piece in the fabric of business and how it's structured. Also looking to network with individuals, who are looking to work within my realm as well. I hope my stay here is a fruitful one as I've been reading a lot of posts since I've joined and have already learned some things from you all already, I just hope I can do the same...


      P.S. I also posted a topic for Small Business as I have a music label I am trying to launch with my next project, but when I posted the topic it was removed by a moderator. I took the time out to make sure I wasn't breaking any guidelines before I posted and it was still removed. I just need some pointers on future posts because I truly need to get some people involved in what I am doing, even if they are not investing financially, insight is always welcomed as well. So if I can get some direction on how to post so the things I post won't be removed in the future would be great. Thanks for allowing me to join...

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          Moderator Nancy Adventurer

          Hi iamwaltgully. 


          Welcome to our community!  We're glad that you have joined us, and would love to hear more about your business!


          Feel free to browse through our current discussions and questions from other members and jump into the conversation where you think you can lend some advice or expertise. 

          We look forward to hearing more about you and your business, iamwaltgully!