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    New Boss

    LUCKIEST Guide

      One of the biggest challenges in a career is, "What happens when you get a new boss??"

      Your biggest concern is related to the level of uncertainty that usually accompanies major changes.

      Sometimes the new boss is just the first step in a downward spiral.

      Almost always the new boss means your work culture will change ... not always for the better.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          That's a scenario that automatically makes many people nervous, suddenly having to adjust to a new boss.


          But fresh starts can also be good, and we have to remember that bosses are people too -- we can discuss things with them, let them know our concerns and what has worked best. They might have more experience in the field than us but we will be the ones they need to count on for experience in our office and company for the start if they hadn't been with us already.


          You're right about the things that can go wrong, absolutely. But things can go right too and there is always room for change either way, so I'd say focus on trying to steer it in a way that has the best outcome for our goals.