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    Organization of Running a Business

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      What are your personal tips for organizing the many aspects of running your businesses? Anything you have learned along the way that you'd like to share?


      In a world where we now have the option of hard copies or going all digital, do you have a preference? What form do you keep your backups in? Even if you decide to go digital, there are so many options -- online/cloud, private server, external drives you keep personally?


      Looking forward to hearing from our experienced members, since organizing any project is an important part of success!



        • Re: Organization of Running a Business
          richardhale Adventurer

          Great questions.


          Organization is so critical to the success of any business. With my online business, it's all about having the right software.


          I use TeamWork. This software allows my entire team access to the portal. From here, we can communicate, assign projects, upload and download workflow, we can message, give task and everything in between. It keeps us all organized and I don't know what I'd do without it.


          I have nothing hard copy, everything we do is digital. I do have our file backup system, so we don't lose anything.


          I must admit, I don't use the cloud. I can see my business making that transition some day, but the processes we have in place are working and I'm very happy with them.