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    Living Longer

    LUCKIEST Guide

      People are living longer than ever.

      More of us will live to be 100 -- certainly longer than before.

      Our lives will be different. In particular, the traditional three-part working life -

      - education/work/retirement - will be replaced by a more complex trajectory.

      If you're going to be healthy and active through your 90s, you might start a new career in your fifties or even sixties.


      Again Happy Independence Day.

      Be Safe, LUCKIEST

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi LUCKIEST,


          What a very relevant topic in modern times. Some of the most famous success stories that are household names today got their starts well past their youth. Stan Lee didn't have his first hit comic out until he was almost 39. Samuel L. Jackson hadn't landed his breakthrough role until he was already in his 40s.


          It's also encouraging to think of these facts, it lets us know that it is really never too late to try something new, to have a fresh start with a completely different business idea no matter how far along we are.


          Thanks for posting this, it will be interesting to hear from other members as well.