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    Question on construction contract law

    paul lauria Newbie

      in Texas if a contractor knowing hires you to do work that he knows you only bid 1 item but knows there are 9 of this item is there any legal avenue against the contractor that knowingly signed up an incomplete bid?

      can anyone direct me to a law against this type of practice?

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          Moderator Nancy Adventurer

          Welcome to the community, Mr. Lauria! Please visit the Community Feedback area to view our guidelines. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re excited to see what you have to contribute.

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            Moderator Rebecca Guide

            Hi Paul, welcome to our community!  First and foremost, having a lawyer who can advise you is smart business.  If you haven't already I'd highly encourage you to check with your lawyer who can provide you with guidance on the specific laws of your state. 


            Our expert, Steve Strauss, provides some good tips regarding Legal-Ease 101 in an informative article.  I encourage you to read hist thoughts as well as browse our forums for additional helpful information.  Please let us know what you find out!




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              Bulldozer Newbie

              First of all. You write out a detailed contract, this is the only thing that will protect you in a court of law.

              If you would give me detailed information I can answer your question.

              I attended college for business contract law.

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                  paul lauria Newbie

                  We already have a contract.  Contract states to install column covers.  When the job  was bid in our proposal it was stated that only 1 column cover was bid.  Contract was sent and signed.  It was clear to the GC that only 1 column cover was bid.  They knew that we had only included 1 column cover.  The GC knew all the time that there were 8 total and never saying to me that I need to go back to make sure the others were included.  Is there any type of law protecting a sub from a General contractor that knowing signs up a subcontractor knowing that they do not have a complete bid and that they will fail.  I was told from a general contractor here in California that there is some type of law that will make the General Contractor responsible if they knowingly do this practice.

                  Thank you very much for looking into this for me

                  Paul Lauria