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    Forms and Templates

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Forms and templates are a part of marketing (including Business Plans).

      If you're in any service field, you have forms for welcoming new clients,

      tracking ongoing meetings and dealing with unusual circumstances.

      You can write  a book expanding on how to use your form.

      And now you've got a product you can offer as a gift to your clients and sell to everyone else.

      Or you can turn it into a lead magnet.

      Remember to update your forms as your business grows.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Happy Fathers Day and Lead Magnets.


          Will your name be new to the target market? If so, the title becomes even more important.

          For example,let's say you are promoting your lead magnet on your site and/or everyone who sees the ad will already trust you. Subscribers are signing up for you, not your lead magnet.

          What urgent benefit can you offer??

          Will prospects see the solution as quick and easy??

          How specific can you get and still be credible??

          These titles will bring signups if you're so well known your prospects are eager to learn from you.

          Enjoy Fathers Day and be SAFE

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            iamwaltgully Wayfarer

            Good Morning sir,


            I apologize for having to respond to this post as for some reason I could not respond to the previous thread. But to answer your questions, Yes I am currently in business..(My previous album is available on all major digital outlets including Amazon and Spotify) I am located in Illinois and yes sir I have an active business plan. As far as an investment figure goes I believe in us speaking first and you getting an understanding and better grasp for what we are trying to do before any figures are brought up. I also apologize for the late response but I would definitely like to speak more frequent if that's possible??

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              Moderator Nancy Adventurer

              Thank you Luckiest!  Very good questions and information, per usual.