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    Local Printed Advertisment ? Good Idea?

    MADMAN Wayfarer
      Here is what we are currently going to market at Madman Signs and Reproductions, Inc. We have come up with a means to advertise in a little local paper that we have design and print and will distrubute. It will hold 45 differnt ad we will print 5000 per month 2500 every 2 weeks on different colors, and distubite to over 25 high traffic area for people to be able to get there hnds on it free do the fact that the advertisers pay for it basicly, the cheapest ad is $59 and the most expensive ad is $211 thats all per month. So far the response from friends and family and other buisness owners are great goiing to sign up for sure 5 people tommorrow and we havent even go out and tried to sell it yet that just 5 people with buisness that i know. What's your thoughts on this?