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    How did you name your business?

    moderator_lee Navigator

      It's a topic that comes up again and again but never gets old -- many new businesses are born at the moment they are named.


      Along with perhaps a logo, it's the first thing most people will ever notice about your business. So how did you pick yours? What were the ideas you considered and decided not to go with?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          What's in a name?? Great question.

          Start with a Business Plan, Find the need, Write up your ideas.

          Sometimes the Bus Plan or your ideas lead to a name.

          Talk to friends, Walk through a mall and look at names of stores.

          Pick a name and go on Google and see what pops up.


          How did I pick my business name??  "Eagle Services"

          I liked the sound of Eagle. The Eagle soars above the earth.

          And I am from New York, Not Philly.



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              aretezoe Newbie

              Great question ... finding the name for Arete-Zoe was quite a story. Because the business is a consultancy, and the scope is quite broad and complex, we found a name that represents the overarching idea and values without reference to the specific domain of expertise. The author of the name and the logo is my business partner. 


              Arete is a Greek word that means "virtue" or "excellence". In ancient Greece, it was commonly believed that the mind, body and soul had to be developed to the highest standard in order to achieve arete. The term is not gender-specific and is applied to both male and female figures, at least  since Homeric times. Most often, arete is associated with the highest effectiveness, using its faculties such as bravery, strength, and wit. In Aristotelian times, the term arete was used as the highest attainable level of knowledge.


              To emphasize the idea that arete is achievable during one's own lifetime, we complemented the name with "Zoe", Greek word for "life".


              So the name Arete-Zoe stands for the highest attainable standard achieved in one's own lifetime, in real world. A-Z covers the whole alphabet, scope, or journey.


              The escutcheon gold color, in heraldic terms, represents success, quality and virtue. The torch signifies guidance, leadership and knowledge.    


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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  Great story, aretezoe!  Everyone enjoys hearing how businesses are named and I feel sure that every business owner ponders during the naming process.


                  Your story shows how much thought goes into it and should be a beacon for others to spend the time and consideration that you did.  Thank you for sharing with us.


                  Please don't let this be your last post!



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                sasaw Wayfarer

                My business name was born of my quirky, sarcastic humor. It's "Aints & Saints" <Wearables & Gifts>.Still working on my catch phrase/tag line. Here's one that I was thinking about "Even if you Ain't a Saint you are alright with me because neither am I sometimes!" I know it needs to be shorter, but to get the point across that at any given moment you can catch me at my Saintly or 'Aintly' best is proving difficult! Buy I'm working on it I write down when I think of one. But I started to do that because most of my t-shirts sayings come to me as I live life and meet people.  But with the naming of my company I mentioned names as the came to random people  <familiar and strangers>. But what really came down to finally knowing it was the name, it's a conversation starter & it's funny and/or appealing to the two states we all like every in... People can relate.

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                    Moderator Rebecca Guide

                    That's a great way to come up with a business name, sasaw!  You want something catchy that people will remember to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but that shows your personality..  Your catch phrase will come to you in time - probably when you aren't even thinking about it, but there it is!


                    Do you have a website you'd like to share?  I'm sure our members can help you come up with a great catch phrase, as well as give you any tips or suggestions,




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                    sasaw Wayfarer

                    I am looking for a hosting site to set up an e-commerce website to link to my blog

                    Which has been feeling the effects of my neglect because of my crazy daily-changing schedule.  So if anyone has ideas about how to go about it, that would be great!

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                      sasaw Wayfarer

                      Thanks moderator_lee  I posted there and got the responses that i needed. They were so helpful. Appreciate the recommendation!