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    Seeking 40k 5yr Bar

    JohnnyBsBar Newbie
      Hi I'm owner of a Bar in Antioch CA. I am seeking 40k for working capital / equipment. If some of you could lead me in the best direction. Here are some facts.
      • Bar in business 15 yrs, I have owned for 5.
      • $250k invested all personal
      • annual rev $150-200k
      • home owner with credit score of 680-710
      • Would like payments of $1500-2500 a month
      Thanks John B
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hi I'm owner of a Bar in Antioch CA.
          I live in N Y to far away to help, BUT a suggestion.Do you know about SCORE.
          SCORE is FREE and can help you with a Business Plan.
          It is one of the first items a lender or investor will want to see.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            ELITEBF2008 Newbie

            Hi , we have a few programs that can help you. We do equipment leasing if all you need the $ for is strickly equipment. We also provide working capital by doing a credit card cash advance. I'm sure u accept credit cards, right? We will advance you $ against your future credit card receivables . So what that means is that we would take the last 6 months of credit card transactions and add them up, then divide that by the 6 months to get an average of how much you make (in cc transactions). That average is about the amount you can get for working capital from us or even up to 150% of it , and I can have that in your pocket in about 5-10 days w/ an approval in 24-48 hrs. The way you pay back the amount is by us deducting automatically 15-20% of each of your future credit card receipts ( when u run each cc transaction) & 80-85% goes in your pocket, so you don't even realize you're paying it back. You don't need any financials, tax returns, collateral, no fixed payments, no personal guarantee, & no application fee! If you're interested u can go to & leave a contact request. Have a great day!


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              carson Newbie
              How profitable has the business grown to?is it condusive for a private investor,do send me detailed plan and profit statements of the business so as to negotiate an investment move.send mail to
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                bigpayout Newbie
                Hi John, I maybe able to help you in getting funds for your business. I need to get a little information from you and we will know how to handle the money. How long have you been in business and are you leasing? Is your business a club or restaurant? What type of payments are you excepting for your business? Contact me ASAP!

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                  bmt2008 Adventurer
                  Is this economy, getting a business loan is very hard. But, with your credit and income may be able to get a personal loan for that amount with the terms and payments you seek.

                  Regarding equipment - getting an equipment loan is much easier as the loan amount is based on collateral value and useful life. Means less risk to the lender. You might even think about leasing equipment (nearly any equipment - office, manufacturing, tools, bar, autos, etc) can be leased. Usually lowert payments with the same benefits of purchasing. Plus, most programs will allow you to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for $1.00.

                  Just some thoughts

                  Business money Today
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                    leasing4u Newbie
                    John B, let's talk more. Call me Steve 615-554-0988
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                      rgershenuk Newbie
                      Good day,

                      I have just seen your post showing your interest in a financier. I wish to know if you are still interested as I would like to provide the funds needed based on what it is requiered for.

                      Do contact me vie email or phone so that we can deliberate more on this.

                      T: +44 703 595 6480

                      Roland Gershen