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    IT Consulting Business.

    apanian Newbie
      I guys, I've been reading a lot of post in this forum, but never found anything that directly answered some of my questions.

      Annd here they are:
      A former co-worker and I are looking to start off on our own as I.T. consultants, but with me being a home owner and sole providor I have a lot to lose and be concerned about. I also have a full-time job that I am well paid and enjoy, but I just have this inner fire to want to start my own business. Not certain on what steps to take to get things rolling. I feel as though its a leap of faith. That would start off with mailing out some postcards to area businesses, and try and build a client base... and take from there.

      The other thing is the business name. it is so difficult to come up with a unique name that sonmeone else has not already taken. What is the base way to lock in a name idea to protect yourself from any future law suits.

      What is the base way for us to structure this business? I am a home owner, married with kids, and may partner is single.

      appreciate all your help thanks.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this web site. Good question
          It is the American Dream to go into business and
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            lalithabrahma Adventurer
            Hi Apanian

            Congratulations! on taking the first step of posting this question. This is your first action.
            I am glad that you are well paid and so you have enough capital to start the business. However remember, mindset is the key. What you say is what you attract. I would recommend avoiding the statement-I have lot to lose and be concerened about. Instead start asking question to yourself-What can I do to avoid loss and what can I learn to get empowred. This is the spiritual/mindset part.

            Coming to the steps, I would recommend both you and your prospective biz partner to sit and write down your skill set, amout of capital you are ready to put in, resources available, how much time and energy you are ready to devote per week, your core values etc.

            Once you do that, take baby steps. Start doing contract work on 1099 basis as Sole Proprietor. Do for one client and duplicate for others. Then you may incorporate, depending upon your state of opeartion, residence etc etc. The key is to write down and make it simple for you to be motivated to take action.

            Are you concerned about owning and operating your business?