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    How do you get to be creative??

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Success comes from your positioning and ability to touch the emotions of your target.

      Most training programs begin with who is your client??

      How are you different from anybody else??

      Answering those questions is a combination of insight, intuition and strategy.

      Answering also gets you to be creative.

      Good luck, LUCKIEST


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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi Luckiest. This is a very thoughtful topic that is often left out of the business planning discussions, in favor of the more concrete steps to success.


          I think it helps to find what inspires you and seek that out when you need it. Even if you don't feel you currently need to come up with new ideas, those are the times they may be able to manifest themselves and develop best for some -- without the pressures and stresses of necessity.


          Through these inspirations and ideas, we find what is unique about ourselves and also how to relate to the client, how we can use our uniqueness to best serve the client, and how our similarities can strengthen the business/client relationship.


          Definitely something worth thinking about, thanks for posting it.