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    Hi Good Morning everyone .. I am Manoj .. (Intro)

    manojpatil Adventurer

      Hi Everyone,

      First Thanks to BOA for creating this small business community.

      It may not be like sailing in the same ship but at least we all are sailing. Few may be in same sea or may be a different sea (Different domain atmosphere .. etc ). But Inside we all are same sailors of life ..

      By the way I am Manoj. Looking back (Practically I can't I am not Owl and I am fat enough .. )

      I had exposures in software, construction Industry, electrical and electronics.


      I was in developing handheld pos. (chip used 89c51)

      We also developed wire harness tester (1000 connections long back .. 15 yrs)

      I started my own manufacturing and design facility for aluminium formwork in India - Pune under name JIFORMWORKS

      We were 6th in India to start and first to close down

      We fabricated & erected a part of railway bridge (Bandra terminus to Khar road)

      As a software programmer - I worked in developing CBS at garnet in India first.. Later on On various tools and utilities - we developed code generators, report writer, control panel etc.. I also had some exposure to Pension Management for State Bank Of India then - Credit risk management (Adaptive Sungard Product). Money remittance solution,  I also worked on Siebel CRM for BT project through Tech Mahindra and recently - I was working as CTO - CBS division Ameya Info ; where I revamped the transaction and interest calculation mechanism on my own. Also made one South American Based Bank installation stable and successful. Currently I have some strong business ideas and I will be soon implementing few of them..