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    How To Post Articles From Your Profile

    jpmaroney Adventurer

      I created my profile. Uploaded a picture. Looks fine.

      I clicked on "Your Content" in the drop down. It says...

      There's nothing here

      Why don't you create something?


      ONLY... I don't see anywhere, a button or anything, for creating/adding articles or other content.

      What am I missing?


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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Hi, JPMaroney! Welcome to the community.


          In the right sidebar, you should see a container with several options: Search for Answers, Ask the Community, and Share Insights. The Start A Discussion button under Ask the Community will take you to an entry screen where you can post your own content.


          If you are already in a discussion when inspiration strikes, you should be able to scroll to the top of the page to see a red button labeled Post A New Topic. This will also take you to the Add New Discussion page. You can choose from that page which section would be most appropriate for your entry.


          You may also wish to click the other buttons to see if they help you locate content you may want to interact with. Looking forward to your contributions!



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            jpmaroney Adventurer

            Thank you Lisa... question:


            I've had an article in "moderation" since May 22. How long should I expect before it's approved?





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                lwbriant Adventurer



                Thanks for your interest in posting original content to the community. We currently only have a few approved providers who can submit content as “Articles”, such as Inc, Aetna, Touchpoint, and Steve Strauss. We may be expanding the list of “Article” providers in the future, but currently the best way to share your content is to post it as a new Discussion. Also, of course, please share your story with the community.




                Jim Finch

                Moderation Manager

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