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    How to obtain donations for non-profit

    vinrock027 Newbie

      Hi Everyone


      I'm the founder of a non profit called The Robinson School based in Irvington, NJ. Our program helps inner city youth fulfill their dream of attending college on a academic or athletic scholarship. After 6 years I can proudly state every student athlete has went to college on scholarship!!!!!!!! 75 disadvantaged kids saving parents over $10 million in tuition, fee, room, board and meal plan.


      We're in need of a 15 passenger van for our students to travel to school, games, college visits etc. How do I go about obtaining a donation?

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi vinrock027, welcome to our community!  Congratulations on the great success of your non-profit!  Can you please let us know what methods you have tried already to secure a van (or a grant for one) for your students?  With your great success rate, you might definitely consider approaching businesses in your area, or even perhaps one of your college graduates current place of employment. 


          In general, donations of property by businesses can be deducted as charitable contributions at fair market value for qualified non-profits. The closer it gets to the end of the year, the more an area business might be interested in donating a used van for your school.


          I look forward to hearing more about your non-profit, and the fundraising campaigns that you already have in place. The more we know, the more our members can help provide some great advice for you.