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    I am in a family business.  I own 19.9 percent of the business.  I am no longer active in the business and wish to retain my stock in the business but be released of any liability.

    dickie Newbie

      I am in a family business and own 19.9 % of the stock.  I am no longer active in the running of the business. I would like to know if I am liable for law suits and decisions made that are not quite in agreement with the labor laws of California.  I have no say nor any power to change things.  I have voiced my opinion.  I can not sell my stock as it is not worth anything.  there is also a large loan that may be paid back a few years from now.  As our accountant stated we were profitable last year and looks like we will continue to be so which means I am paying taxes on money I do no and will not ever see. 


      My goal is to be just a stock holder without any liability.  Is that possible?