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    Hello, Aerostat ac, llc. here

    billcarroll88 Adventurer

      Is any one familiar with Brevard county, from within this site?

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Welcome to the community, Billcarroll88.


          Please share a little more with us about your company. What is it that you do or what services do you offer? Is there something particular that you're wanting to know. We have a vast group of members here so someone may be able to help you. Or at least direct you towards the answer.





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              billcarroll88 Adventurer

              Hello, this is Bill, owner of Aerostat Ac llc, I am here to discuss my new

              business of air conditioning service. Looking for social events, to meet

              commercial contractors, and other professionals in the trades.

              Thank you sincerely

              Bill Carroll


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                  Moderator Rebecca Guide

                  Hi Bill, My first suggestion would be to participate in and attend trade shows. You will find value in meeting other companies and people with similar business passions and expertise.  It's also a great place to learn and grow your network in your business.  A simple Google search can show you trade shows near you that would be beneficial for you to attend or even set up a booth at.


                  Trade shows offer excellent opportunities to meet other businesses (and prospects) face to face, which simply can not be replicated via e-mail, phone or social media.


                  You also may want to explore groups on LinkedIn, as well as community expos and even Facebook groups which would all open up additional avenues for you and your business.