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    How to get software development projects for a company in India?

    amar528 Newbie

      Hi All:


      We have a software development company in India. Currently, we have an employee strength of about 5 folks, in TVSR technologies - .NET, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, illustrator, In design,  UI design etc.


      We have a couple of local clients but, as everyone knows, if we have to grow and expand, we need overseas clients. Question is: how to get the projects? I know, getting first project would be a challenge, after that, it will be relatively easier.


      I am in the US. I also have a small corporation here in the US since 2009, so, US representation is not an issue.


      Any advise? Any direction would be helpful.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi amar528,


          Welcome to our community! The services you are offering are definitely sought after these days.


          From around 2012, I ran a small startup based in Europe and the US. We found top-notch programmers, software architects, and designers using sites such as Craisglist and Freelancer. My suggestion is to put yourself out there on sites like those just as you did here, clearly and concisely listing the skills your team has to offer.


          Make a complete list and be sure to add other selling points that might be helpful for a prospective client to know -- such as what languages those on your team may be able to communicate in, and what types of projects you already have experience in.


          Others here may be able to add to this advice for you as well. We wish you all the best and are glad to have you here!


          If you have not already, please stop over at Introduce Yourself to let us know more about yourself and your business.


          Warm regards,