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    How do you handle refunds for damaged goods?

    bagsbytheshore Newbie

      A new customer contacted me several hours after purchasing an item and said that the clasps and zipper on it broke. We do not have another item identical to it to replace it. How would you handle this? Refund the money, replace the produce with a similar one, or tell him it was in good working condition when it left our store. We inspect each item before we place it on a shelf.

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Goods are returned for a variety of reasons.  And I feel sure you want to want satisfy this customer and keep him as a return shopper.  Have you considered offering an in-store exchange for another product at the same cost?


          Customer service seems to be one of the features most posted on companies these days.  Taking the time to reach out to our customers and letting them know we want to work to assist them appears to create quite a bit of positive feedback.


          Think about how you want to handle returned products in the future and then create a written policy.  Your shoppers will appreciate knowing this and will foster the happy relationship you want.