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      Often people reach out to us with questions about  issues with their business or possibly a question they have that they have been struggling with.  Sometimes without a formal request, when we answer we have become a mentor of sorts to them.


      What qualities should a mentor possess to be the most effective?

      Are there areas in a business that you feel a mentor should not venture into?  If so, which areas?

      When does a mentor's help become a crutch?


      It would be interesting to hear from those of you all who are or have been mentors.  How did the mentoring go?  When did you feel as if you needed to back out and let your mentee fly on his/her own?


      Won't you share so others can learn from your experience(s)?



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          Good question to because I just recently had got one from SCORE. My first meet for the intro sort of speak, was pretty good and it seemed he kinda put himself in my place and tried to help. He recommended me to another mentor there for a meet about marketing because it is of my concern in the different ways to do things etc. etc. I get there and all was nice and he said tell me about your business and I got as far as not quite the second sentence out and he told me I am only a want a be business owner, so of course I asked why he say that then sat back and listened to him put me down (basically) about the middle of the meeting he asked if I have revenue of around 8 to 10 K free to market with. I was like no that is why I am here to find ways to market out there, and some questions about it. He recommended me to close my business, become and apply for a sales person for a print shop, I was like what? he said he can not see this working. I thanked him for his time, calmly. I found out he was a CEO of a print company after researching him on line. I think he was more of a corporate type guy with money that flows like water. Criticism makes him a smaller person in my eyes, and will not put my trust there even if he is right.


          But anyways I do know this is NOT what you want to do if your a mentor for business. I would like to hear some stories though maybe my next attempt I will know the right questions to ask.