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    Top 10 Best Apps for Sales Rep in 2016

    Liana Kailey Adventurer

      "This listing was prepared based on genuine customer reviews and testimonials from various sites."


      The top 10 sales rep apps that your business might consider investing in. All major features summarized for your quick comparison.


      1) Contalog:


      Contalog tops the charts as the best sales rep software with its high-end features which include order management controls, bulk order booking, sales quote generation, customer profile management, etc. The application can be made to run smoothly across all mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows.


      2) Pepperi:


      Pepperi’s sales rep software features comprise of mobile e-catalog, centralized order management, online merchandising, centralized customer management, inventory control, etc. It is readily configurable for synchronization with 3rd party extensions, CRMs, etc.


      3) Handshake:


      Handshake can be ranked as one of the best apps for salespeople as it makes it easy for remote field sales professional to showcase their products to prospective customers using digital catalogs, high definition videos, 3d images, etc. It is also equipped with barcode scanning facility to simplify product information management.


      4) Skura:


      Skura, an easy-to-use sales rep software aims to increase the productivity of field sales personnel through the use of digital product catalogs, animated videos, etc. It also generates reports about sales personnel log report for better management. It is available across iOS, Windows and Android mobile platforms.


      5) Blue Alligator:


      Cloud based field sales rep app Blue Alligator shoots an email as soon as the field sales personnel makes an order from the site. The email, marked to the customer and the backend sales team serves in proper tracking and in ensuring complete order fulfillment control.


      6) Mamsoftware:


      Mamsoftware is devised to function exclusively for tablet range of devices. It enhances the coordination between field sales personnel, sales teams and distributors or anybody else included in the sales transaction loop and hence is rightfully one of the best apps for sales reps.


      7) Repzio:


      Repzio sales rep software offers some exclusive features for its users like digital order taking, offline connectivity, all-platform mobile apps HQ product images and much more in a secure data environment. All data is streamed out of a single database for data consistency.


      8) Mobileezy:


      The sales rep tracking software that is Mobileezy makes field sales a breeze through using a variety of mobile devices. It also powers extensive features like inventory control. Accounting, ERP integration, etc.


      9) Aleran:


      Aleran is currently available on Windows and it won’t be too long before it will be released on other mobile operating systems too. It has all the features of top ranking field sales rep management software like sales order management, commission calculation among many others.


      10) Ezrep:


      Exrep is exclusively for user groups like manufacturers, sales agencies, selling professionals, etc. The sales rep tracking software has an easy to use interface that smoothens all aspects of field based selling.