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    Education for Small Business - Can't I just figure it out myself?

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      I run a small business - do I really need education, can't I just figure it out myself? Perhaps the simple answer is yes - just as you can teach yourself how to drive a car or juggle. In fact, Matt Damon said it well Goodwill Hunting, "You spend $150,000 for your Harvard education that you could have gotten for $1.50 in late charges at the public library." Unfortunately for most of us, we're not going to learn to do linear algebra by ourselves and even if we did, we probably wouldn't be very good at it. For small business owners, their business is often the most valuable asset they have and the source of much, if not all, of their income. Given how important it is in their lives, have a strong education foundation is important and even essential.


      Most people think business education means an MBA. That's just not true. In fact, MBAs are frequently not the best option for small business owners. They're expensive, time consuming and often impractical. Education doesn't mean sitting in an uninspiring room for a semester at a time. You can learn in so many ways. There are amazing business books. There are great lectures and seminars in your community. There are business groups (formal and informal) that can be extremely valuable. There are business coaches who can be extremely valuable and practical. And you can certainly learn a lot online - you just have to make sure you going to the credible websites so you don't get misinformation.  BusinessBlocks' MainStreetMBA is one great online school but of course there are others too. The point is not what you choose to do, but that you choose to continue to learn.