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    Hard To Steal

    LUCKIEST Guide

      3 suggestions to make your copy irresistible and also hard to steal.


      1 - Dig deep into the uniqueness of your product or feature.


      2 - Refer to a contemporary news event, season or holiday.


      3 - Use metaphors, stories and words to engage your audience.


      Hope this helps, have a great weekend.



        • Re: Hard To Steal
          Moderator Cath Guide

          Thanks for your post, Luckiest!  Your three suggestions are good ones and ones that someone who is trying to make their copy pop should consider using -- and I believe that most of us could use these good tips.


          I hope you don't mind but I think that others who do their own advertising might enjoy adding to your suggestions.  So why don't we open this up to the other great minds in our community?


          If you have a tried and true tip or one that seems to work for you as you create content, please share with your fellow community members.