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    H1B Visa holder wants to start a non profit Online Business.

    satija Newbie
      Hello Everybody,

      I am H1B visa holder and am looking to start with an online business, nothing big at the moment but I was just wondering if I am allowed to start any kinda business (I am not expecting huge returns so planning to declare it as non -profit and probably donate the profit to charity).

      I would want to own it completely once I get the EAD or Green Card in a year or so.
      My questions are:

      1.Can I legally own any business if I want to work for it voluntarily (and not make any money out of it)?
      2.What if the company makes money ,how would I be able to get hold of it and use it or donate it to charity?
      3.I am investing in the company, can I declare the same for my taxes?
      4.I have started building the website and mentioned the name of the company (which does not exist as of now) which I still need to register.Any helpful comments would be appreciated.
      5.Can I transfer the rights of the company to my brother in India anytime and let him make the profits?
      6.What is I move to India ,can I still use the profits from the business, which is registered in US ?

      Thanks in Advance,

      Umesh Satija