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    Starting a Non-Profit in Human Services

    dolphin4lisa Newbie

      Having worked in the foster care system for so long I have been able to identify a need for advocacy services to youth and young adults after foster care. Unfortunately, the stigma which comes with the history of foster care is not at all glorifying. In at least two states I've worked in I do not see the results of advocacy for children once they leave the system. I would like to be able to provide this service. A service which provides an avenue for employment, to complete education, to understand the need for medical insurance, how to set a budget and stick with it and etc. My goal is to help these individuals become independent of the system. I believe after 15 years of working within the system and my education credentials I am the ideal person to start this program. However, before I can do this I need assistance with getting started does anyone have any advice for me in trying to start this program as a non-profit agency in the State of Texas?