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    starting up a cleaning business

    gempat Newbie

      Im trying to start a small cleaning business for myself but not sure how to word the postcards can someone help me please

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community and good luck with your cleaning business.

          When you say postcards do you mean flyers??

          Tell us more about yourself and your business.

          The more you share, the better our answers


          Again good luck, LUCKIEST

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            orbital config Tracker

            HI Gempat,



            O cool I have worked with a cleaning company before to. Is this a commercial cleaning or residual and commercial business? I have seen that this may play a role in how it is worded/designed on a card. A Business friend- he uses EDDM mailings for his cards and they are very wordy of deals, ways, why, and very small pics related to all the text, this is successful for him, I could replicate this but this comes with a budget, consistency is of assents there.


            I worked with a start up last year and I made pics primary using online bidding sites for cleaning companies needed, (working in there budget) this worked for me and there company. This gave me opportunity to meet at the place and give an actual quote, good opportunities to get return customers, upgrade, and explain the process of how they'll worked conveniently of office hours and what  price it would be for the hole contract of all of the franchises or what ever the pitch may be.


            Well these were my experiences I hope it could help

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              Moderator BethM Navigator

              Welcome to the community gempat!


              What kind of cleaning business are you looking to start? Are you thinking domestic (houses) or commercial (offices)?


              Will you have employees working with you?


              When you have a moment, please let us know more about yourself and your interests over at: Introduce Yourself





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                mobilegeneral Adventurer

                I just happened to run across this web site and saw your question about cleaning fliers. I myself had a successful thriving cleaning buisness for 6 years until my husbands father and grand mother got sick and I was their sole caretaker. Resulting in my having to close my business. Unfortunately, both have  since passed.

                If there is anything I can help you with, please ask me. I am not actually sure I will find my way back to this website, but I will do my best to check back.

                Good Luck


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                  Vilnius Industries Tracker

                  gempat you could write a sample text, of what you think should be on the 'postcard' then put that sample you think of on your profile page, then the members could view it and give you advise. Also you could update your personal profile anyway, tell us more about your business, and your plans, thanks.

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                    Moderator Rebecca Guide

                    Hi gempat! You've received some great advice here from our members, and I hope you've found it helpful.  We'd love to know more about your business plan ideas and how you would like to market it!  has a great idea - feel free to share your flyer/postcard text here and we'll be glad to give you some more feedback.




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                      Klexion11 Adventurer

                      Just say hello and tell people how to reach you services.

                      and if you are not computer savey look into letting one of your children show you the internet it is much quicker.


                      Best wishes

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                        mobilegeneral Adventurer

                        When i had an active cleaning buisness, i actually had a faxing service. I done the faxing & scheduleing of the fax on my own time. but the service done the sending when i told it to.

                        My fliers had a small picture or related and how to contact me. Not any pricing. Example. BLANK years experience. Tired of daily bla bla bla (your words) Let bla bla bla hlep with routine ___ ___ ___. Local Expierenced, References available upon request. Have them written and ready prior Ask for permission from your references before you share their info. Free Estimates.

                        I hope this helps you get started