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    Any Manufacture in NY ?

    keirysuero Newbie

      Hello, My name is keiry me and my sister  we are planning in have our clothing line the idea at the begging sounded great and easy, but it haven't been  a easy road at all  we have everything we have the loan, the sketches of what we have in mind, photographer even a person to make us the website but there is a little problem  we can not find a a manufacture that match what we looking for most of the manufacture that we have spoke so far work with big units and right now we are starting and we can't start with  big units like that how they requesting or they don't do swimsuit  mostly we want one in ny so we can keep in eye how the process is going. if you know any please let me know

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi keirysuero, welcome to our community!  Congratulations on being so far along on your idea for a new small business.  Being able to already secure the funding is a great success!  To find a manufacturer, I might suggest that you try attending some trade shows. Every industry has a trade association connected to it, and these groups offer a wealth of information. You can also search the internet and Facebook an find groups associated with your business or idea and contact them— explain what you are doing and ask for guidance! 


          Our experts at Touchpoint have put together a great article that I think you might find useful - How Trade Shows Can Benefit Your Small Business..


          I am looking forward to hearing some advice from our other members as well as following you in your journey!