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    bringing work to small town

    missabilene Newbie

          I have been looking all over the internet for companies looking for locations. I live in Abilene Ks our town does not have much for work and most of the people here have to commute. We had a Alco store here and the Alco Warehouse, They have went under and no longer exist. We have to get a company here that can help employee some of our people here in town. Our town is growing as far as people moving here ,but most people here drive 30 to 50 miles one way to work. Can you tell me how or who to connect,to get a big company here to supply work for our people in Abilene. I see other towns not far from us, 2 hours and 1 hour away get big companies all the time that pay a good wage. I am just wanting to help the people here to have a nice place to work with a decent wage. It's like why is no one coming here, we need something. Thanks Melissa Montgomery, Abilene Ks

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community Melissa. That is really a great question.

          How long have you lived in Abilene?? (I would guess a long time).

          It is very interesting how and why a company chooses its location.

          Is your town near the Interstate or the Airport??

          I am guessing that you are active on the town board.

          What can your town offer to companies looking for locations.


          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST

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            Moderator Cath Guide

            Hi Melissa,


            It is painful when a town begins to lose businesses.  I am definitely not an expert and I hope some of our other members will join in with their comments and suggestions and perhaps some experiences from their past.


            One thing that might be a good idea to search out is to identify some of those businesses that closed and find some of the executives or business owners and ask them for a bit of their time to talk to you.  I would want to ask why they closed.  And what a new business could avoid when they come to town and open. Hearing some of the obstacles may give perspective businesses a good way to focus when they open.


            Often businesses close because they have no customers.  Will your town be willing to support new businesses or are they content shopping other places?


            Good luck with your research.  Speak up with what you find in town meetings.



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              JerryChau Tracker

              Hi Melissa,


              My summer home is in a very rural, picturesque southern Appalachian mountain town (pop. 1,500) that is a two-hour drive from urban centers. Most every manufacturer has left and efforts to replace them have been fruitless.


              To some extent, small-business owners manage to make a living by selling products to locals and online. Many workers commute two hours daily while others leave to relocate where the jobs are.


              What distinguishes Abilene from others towns that can attract new businesses? Do you have a community college nearby that can train workers? Can they help to brand and market your town?


              Tom Egelhoff is an expert on small town marketing to help small business owners. Perhaps he has a few ideas about how to attract small businesses to your town. Check out his website at 


              Please let us know how it works out. (-:


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                deebo Adventurer

                I tried leaving a much longer response but it keeps getting denied so Ill just say google virtual jobs.

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                  lilian32 Adventurer

                  Maybe there are some interesting things to attract tourists to your town? As if you attract tourists, then it may cause opening new cafes, souvenir shops and so on...