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    Urgent need for the experienced editor! for a children book

    pascalina Newbie
      Yes, I do look for the experienced editor for childrens books and accompanying educational CDs (for 5-12 year olds, dyslexic kids to develop their reading skilss and cognitive abilities). I am looking for someone who has solid experience in editing such kind of books and be able to edit my books. It would be exceptionally nice to find someone from Scholastic I dreaming??
      My books were published in Russia and Ukraine, over 1 million copies, but I am totally new to the American edutainment market and therefore I need a really good editor and solid advise. I've seen a tough competion in childrens' books market and I can't afford costly rooky's mistakes. What I mean is that everything what I try to do has to be done at a highly professional level, compared to what Scholastic is printing now. My books should be like this. How dare I even compare myself to this famous and long established publisher??? But I do! What gives me the right to think so? The effort I put in creating new approaches and time, I've spent doing this. But most of all the confidence that if kids are given the chance of reading my books they can do much better in their lives and struglle in the school system.