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    Living in India - Shipping to India

    jenny4star Adventurer

      Hello everyone,



      I recently took a position with a company in Bangalore India and one of the more challenging aspects of living here as one might guess, is finding many of the items we commonly use in our households; such as cleaning detergents, soaps, proper utensils, and of course foods.



      After the initial excitement subsided, the reality that this is our new life has set in and learning to cope has been harder than I expected it might. However, and I don't want to come across as though our decision to come here has been anything but a wonderful experience, I must confess I miss many of the little things.



      A colleague and friend, who also came from the US has introduced me to a company that works with expats. They act as a mail and package forwarding agent I guess you might say. For example, we may purchase items from Amazon, which are delivered to their facility where they are collected then shipped all together to their facility here where I retrieve my stuff.



      The question I have is this: I would like to maintain a US mailing address and can use theirs as mine to receive my mail, (BoA Statements) etc., but will this in any way complicate my use of my BoA bank cards for purchasing here. As it is, I have requested customer service to make a note to my account that I live abroad and my purchases here should not raise a "red flag" for fraudulent activity, which has happened numerous times and my card is unexpectedly frozen.



      Thank you to those who shed light on my dismal day.



      For those expats interested in using the service: American eBox -

      I don't work for them, just a happy customer