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    Small business in Michigan

    r.s. Adventurer

      I started in business for myself over 40 years ago.   At a SBA small business workshop they related the fact that 9 out of 10 businesses fail with in a few years.   Keeping this in mind and knowing I could not allow or afford failure, I decided to only offer "niche" products or services and it worked as I have gotten mostly positive response to my business ideas/products since.   Am always innovating/inventing "niche" ideas!   Only problem now is the main product I sell (thru my website) is in such demand, I cannot keep up with the demand - I desperately need to expand operations to meet the demand and further market more innovative products which can provide local JOBS!   Yet I have tried for years now to get such help with zero results!   Looking for an angel investor or partnership with another/other entrepreneur/s (individual or firm).    I think my business is an example of the saying "If you build it, they will come" or as I say "If you really want something to happen in business, you need to MAKE it happen!"

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          Welcome to the community, r.s..


          Congratulations on 40 years in business. And thank you for telling us a little bit about your business.


          Please feel free to peruse our discussion boards and articles. Comment where you feel comfortable and ask questions so we can help.


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            Kevin Leonard Adventurer

            My wife and I own a PR marketing firm for businesses, let me know more about your business

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              warrenf75 Adventurer

              Welcome to the community. I assist owners in improving their respective businesses. You can contact me directly anytime. I had some difficulty in attempting to contact you directly and discreetly without violating community rules. Upon contacting me through my profile information I am sure I can assist you in your endeavors. Have a great day and thank you bringing your distinctive voice here and enriching American small business!



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                r.s. Adventurer

                I believe I've changed it now so I can be reached by email.  

                Let me also add here, I need to add 2 key employees a.s.a.p.: 

                1 - someone experienced and knowledgeable in computers and online marketing and

                2 - someone capable of learning making my product - requires excellent math & geometric skills and good at making things to quality standards.

                3 - possible subcontract work to someone with a good wood shop setup.