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    What about Blogging

    orbital config Tracker

      Hello All,

      Wondering if anybody blogs about/for/or because of there business you do blog.  In some research there saying blogging can be a power tool in an art, service, or any industry that changes quickly. (I guess any business this was an art enthusiast and his examples)


      Wondering if anybody uses blogging for a means of connecting by providing information to your customers (or to be) or can be use to there value. Has it helped? what about directing traffic to your website from the blog? Do you provide information in your blog or do you blog in a different way because of the type of your business you have? 


      Maybe you found you started to blog and you found negative results, and putting in extra time doing it.  If you did or do blog wondering if there was a strategy opposed to talking about your product or service, only.





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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Great topic, orbital config!   Blogging in online journal is definitely something that small businesses can use as part of their content marketing strategy to engage with prospects and customers. Of course, you will want your blogs to be informative as well as entertaining to be able to generate more interest - as well as attract potential customers.

          Our experts at Touchpoint have a great article about blogging, in which they interview Neil Patel—co-founder of KISSmetrics, a San Francisco-based company that tracks, analyzes and optimizes digital marketing.  He gives some great tips for blogging in our article How to Write Effective Blog Posts.

          I'd love to hear from our other members about their blogging experience. Feel free to share what you've tried already, if anything, and what you have found effective as well.



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            michaelxh Tracker

            As far as strategy goes, the first thing you should decide is how you'll drive traffic to your articles. The most common channels are search, social, and paid advertising. I commented on these recently in this thread: Why isn't anyone buying from my boutique website?



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                orbital config Tracker

                OK I read some of the replies, lots of good stuff there,  I can see some that it can relate in your reply, sounds like treat it like a website almost, sounds about right though. I do use social media and sites like that for postings etc. (and found it does make a differences, at least for me it did, but certainly levels off to those interested)

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                manchun Adventurer

                blogging is a process to represent your opinion by publish content on your blog. there are multiple platform to create blogging.

                1. wordpess

                2. blogger

                both are most important platform for blogging

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                  marksteve741 Adventurer

                  A blog is a website or part of a website that usually features one or more of the following criteria:

                  • Editorial explanation
                  • Links to external sites, often seen as reference
                  • May, or may not, be factual
                  • Tells stories
                  • Usually about a specific topic, subject, or genre
                  • Tend to be opinionated and personal
                  • Could be considered newsy rather than “news”
                  • Comments and communication with the audience

                  There are many blogging sites available like wordpess, blogger, weebly, tumblr and many more.


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                    orbital config Tracker

                    Yes thank you all for all the reply's,


                    I have done some searches and went with WordPress, as I was creating it and started posting things it notices I have a wix website and it all connected to it automatically. I didn't know either that wix and WordPress is the same sites. It made things really easy, and easy to understand.

                    I will be redesigning my website in the next weeks to be making it a bit more professional/cleaner, it think it looks crowded or something but sure take a look at what I have blogged or some of my work @ ios-graphics